Bulk Import – Repayment

Bulk imports enable you to import large amounts of data more quickly. Follow the below steps to Import Loan Repayments Data.

Go to Admin ->> Organization ->> Bulk Import ->> Loan Repayments.

Bulk Import - Loan Repayment - Template
  • Select Office from the drop-down.
  • Click on the download button to get the template to import the Loan. Repayment
  • In the template, you can see 4 different sheets. In the Loan Repayment, you need to update the User details you want to Import. In the Offices sheet, the system displays the selected Office name and Office ID. The Client Sheet contains the list of Client Names, Client ID, and Client External ID associated with the selected office.

Field Name & Description

  • Office Name(*) – Choose the Office Name from the drop-down. By default, it shows the selected office name
  • Loan ID(*) – Enter the Loan ID of the user for which the repayment is going to be made. Once you enter the loan id the following fields will be automatically populated. The fields are Client Name(*), Client External ID, Loan Account Name(*), Product Name, Principal, Total Outstanding Amount, and Loan Disbursement Date.
  • Amount Repaid(*) – Specify the amount to be repaid
  • Repayment Date(*) ( mm/dd/yyyy ) – Specify the repayment date
  • Repayment Type (*) – Choose the type of repayment from the drop-down
  • Account No – Specify the Client’s account number
  • Check No – Specify the Client’s Check No
  • Routing Code – Specify the Client’s Routing Code
  • Receipt No – Specify the Client’s Receipt Number
  • Bank No – Specify the Client’s Bank No
Bulk Import - Loan Repayment - Data Import
Once the file is uploaded click on the Refresh button and check the details in the corresponding Loan Account.