Manage Holidays

The Organization having multiple locations should have the option to customize the holidays across their offices. This option helps to manage the holidays for each office of your organization. 

Go to Admin ->> Organization ->> Manage Holidays.

Manage Holidays

Add Holidays

This option allows creating new holidays for each office in your organization. In the Manage Holidays form, click on the +Create Holiday button to add the holiday details.  
Create Holiday

It will land in a created holiday form where you can update the holiday details which need to be added.

Field Name & Description

Name(*) – Specify the holiday name that needs to be added

From date(*) – Select the first day of the holiday

To date(*) – Select the last day of the holiday

Repayment Scheduling Type(*

  • Rescheduled to specified date – Select if reschedule to a specified date
    •  Repayment scheduled to (*) – Select the repayment schedule date
  • Rescheduled to next repayment date – Select if reschedule to next repayment date

Description – Specify the description of the holiday

Applicable Offices – Select the name of the Branch Office to which a newly defined holiday should be applied.

Click on Submit once the holiday details have been updated.

View Holidays

In the Manage Holidays form, select the office name to view the list of holidays that has been added.

Holiday List

Edit or Delete the Holiday

Click on the holiday name to Activate, Edit, or Delete the Holiday.
Edit or Delete Holiday

Activate – Click on the Activate option and confirm it to activate this particular holiday

Edit – Click on the Edit option to add or change the Holiday detail

Delete – Click on the Delete option to delete this particular holiday

In the Manage Holidays list, it displays the Active and Pending status for which we have newly added.

Activate Holiday