Configuration Of Maker Checker Task

Maker Checker requires a creator and approver to complete a specific work. One person creates the application and the other person should verify and approve the application.

Before starting with the Maker Checker task, the Maker Checker option should be enabled in Global Configuration.

Go to Admin ->> System ->> Configure Maker Checker Tasks.

Maker Checker Enable
Search for Maker Checker in the search option and enable it.
Maker Checker Enable 1
Go to Admin ->> System ->> Configure Maker Checker Tasks.
Maker Checker Configuration
Once you click on the Configure Maker Checker Tasks, it will show the list of existing Maker Checker Tasks.
Maker Checker Existing Tasks

If the user wants to add or remove the task, click on the Edit button and select the required task or unselect the task if not required.

For Example, Select Portfolio and select Create Client, then click Submit.

Maker Checker Enable Permission
Now try to create a Client and Submit it.
Maker Checker Create Client

It will ask for Approval from the second person to Submit this Client’s details.

Approval Notification
Go and select Checker Inbox & Tasks, from the shortcuts on the left side of the CloubBankIn Page.
Checker Inbox & Tasks
On the Checker Inbox & Tasks page, it will show the client details below the Checker Inbox and in the Respective Tabs for approval.
Approval Details

Click on the client to view the details. By checking the information the approver can Approve, Delete or Reject the particular client.

The client will be added to the CloudBankIn system and listed in the List of Clients once it has been approved. This application can now be processed by the first person.

Client Added