Global configurations – Loan

This page allows you to customize the system configuration. You can define the global settings during the system installation.

Go to Admin ->> System ->> Configurations. It will direct you to the system configuration page, where you can view all of the configurations as well as their current status

Global Configuration
Global Configuration - List

Configuration and Description

  • allow-transactions-on-holiday – Determines if transactions are allowed on a holiday
  • allow-transactions-on-non_workingday – Determines if transactions are allowed on a non-working day such as weekends
  • amazon-S3 – Determines if file and image upload will be handled by alternative Amazon S3 cloud storage
  • at least-one-document-upload-before-client-activation – Determines that at least one document must be uploaded in order for the client to be activated
  • backdate-penalties-enabled – Determines if penalties will be added to old overdue installments
  • change-emi-if-repayment date-same-as-disbursement date – Determines if EMI can be changed in loan account if repayment date and disbursement date are the same
  • constraint_approach_for_datatables – Determines if code value name or code value id is stored in generated data tables
  • daily-tpt-limit – Determines if there is a limit on the amount that can be transferred to a third party. This is primarily for self-service users
  • Enable-Address – Determines during account creation, the client must enter an additional address field
  • financial-year-beginning-month – This should be set up at the database level before interest posting is started.  Allowed values are 1-12 January to December
  • force-password-reset-days – Determines if the password has expired or not. Users will be forced to reset their password after a certain number of days.
  • Grace On Penalty Posting – Determines grace days for penalty posting
  • Interest-charged-from-date-same-as-disbursal-date – Determines if interest will be charged from the same date as the date of disbursement
  • maker-checker – Determines if the maker checker system will be used
  • mobile-number-length – Determines the length of the mobile number
  • office-opening-balances-contra-account – Enabling this helps setting up opening General Ledger balances for the organization
  • office-specific-products-enabled – Determines if office specific products are enabled
  • organisation-start-date – On enabling and providing the organization start date, all calculations will be effective from this date. It is recommended to enable this entity if you are using the accounting module. You can set the start date from the database under table “c_configuration” and provide the start date under the date value
  • penalty-wait-period – Defined in terms of days and how many days overdue before an overdue penalty will be charged
  • reschedule-future-repayments – If enabled, repayments that fall on a non-working days will be rescheduled to the configured repayment reschedule rule 
  • reschedule-repayments-on-holidays – Determines if repayments that fall on holidays will be rescheduled      
  • restrict-products-to-user-office – Enabling this helps restricting products for users in a given office
  • rounding-mode – Enabling this entity caused the rounding of amounts to be performed. Possible values are, 0 – Up, 1- Down, 2 -Ceiling, 3 – Floor, 4 – Half up, 5 – Half down, 6 – Half even
  • skip-repayment-on-first-day-of-month – Determines whether repayment landing on the first day of the month will be skipped

Enable or Disable a Global Configuration Setting

You can easily enable or disable the global configuration settings.

Global Configuration - Enable & Disable