Manage Codes

Once the file is uploaded click on the Refresh button and check the details in the Users form.

Go to Admin -> System -> Manage Codes. It will show a list of all standard system codes. You can search the required field in the Filter By Name.

For Clients

Manage-Codes-Menu client 1
  • It can be customized to the terms used by your organization
  • Choose the Code Name to which you’d like to add the additional values. Else Search the Code Name in the Filter By Name tab
  • For eg, Select ClientType

It shows the drop-down values already present in the ClientType.

Click on the Add Code Values.

Manage-Codes-Add-Code-Value-Name client 1
Once updated the code value click on Add Added Value will be displayed in the List.
Manage-Codes-Add-Code-Value client2

You have an option to Edit/Delete the ClientType.

Manage-Codes-Code-Values-Preview client3

Added value will be displayed in the ClientType value.